Massage Benefits and FAQ's

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Therapeutic massage provides relief of painful muscle tension, improves flexibility and circulation, helps to manage stress, improves mental status and promotes a relaxed feeling.

Physical - Improves circulation and posture.  Decreases pain by relaxing muscle tension and stiffness.

Psychological - Creates a relaxed state of well-being and reduces anxiety and tension and promotes calmness.

Mechanical- Results from direct pressure of the massage technique on the body. Examples include increasing venous and lymphatic flow, decreasing adhesions, and stretching, thereby improving range of motion.



Which massage is best for me?  Based upon your condition and individual goals, the therapist will determine which technique will best meet your needs.

How will a massage feel?  Your therapist uses gentle pressure initially to prepare tissue for a deeper touch.  The therapist will work within your tolerance.


Feedback during massage is important so adjustments can be made accordingly.  Most people feel very relaxed after a massage.  Drinking lots of water and stretching helps minimize any soreness that may be felt in areas of injury or chronic pain.

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